10 Little Ways to Show Your Man You Care

Note: I wrote this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago because my girlfriend and i almost broke up hehehe we’re okay now. Thanks to the other bloggers i used as references. 🙂 I’ll try to write something for the girls next time.

1.Let him know you are his biggest fan.
Tell him how great he is, how much you
appreciate the little things he does to help you
(no matter how small), and how much he’s loved. If you are not his
biggest fan, you should be!

2. Always speak highly of him to others

3.Don’t cut him down. It may be tempting to tell
him exactly what you think of him during an argument,
but hold your tongue.

4.Don’t remind him of his weaknesses at
every opportunity. Most men are fully aware of their
weaknesses and do not need reminding.

5.Be quick to apologize for snapping at him when you are tired and cranky.

6.Listen to what he has to say. This may include topics
that you neither understand nor care to be enlightened about,
such as the rules of basketball or the global financial crisis

7.Encourage his hobbies, even if you aren’t fond of them.

8.Don’t make fun of his team, even if they always lose.
It is likely that your man has been programmed since
birth to be a fan of a particular sports team.

9.Kiss him when he least expect it.

10.Think of the things that you want him to do for you, then
do all of that for him……..


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