On Books, Time, and Lights

Its been a while since i read my last book, i was so busy trying to get a job and playing my new (2nd hand) PSP that i almost forgot about my love for books…

Come to think of it, i can’t even remember the last book i read…

i don’t really have a specific genre preference when in comes to reading

i’ve read inspirational novels by paulo coelho as well as teen vampire novels like Morganville Vampire and the Twilight Saga. Ummmm even Harry Potter heheh

Last week my girlfriend and i went to a mall, we past by Booksale. i decided to try and see if i can find a book or two or three or a lot hehe that would peek up my interest…
i ended up buying three books. one by isaac asimov, catch me if you can, and the law of our fathers.
as of today i’ve never read them yet, i just can’t find the time to read nowadays.

note: i even bought a booklight at japan home center for 66 pesos so that i can read with my room lights turn3ed off, the book light is not very bright, i’m still trying to find one that is really suitable for reading, i might make my own light(is i have the time hahahhah)..

We have 24 hours a day, but its still not enough.why is that?

back to the book thing.
i have been trying to put my hand on a book by robyn young, its called Requiem. its a sequel for Crusades and Breathren. i’ve been looking for it for one year already, local bookstore and even ebay don’t seem to have it. Another book i have been trying to find is Doctors by Erich Segal, i’ve read it already i just want to have a copy coz its one of my favorite, i lost my old copy, well technically it’s not mine, i found it at my old highschool library and i decided not to return it hahaha lolz



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