A load off of my chest…..

yesterday a friend (greyz manalili) contacted me on facebook… she ask me if i had forgiven a friend who caused me a significant amount of pain…. at first i was reluctant to answer her question, i myself is not really sure about how i feel about that certain friend… or so i thought…

after thinking about what happened, i cannot find or feel even a tiny bit or pain… maybe its because it happened a long time ago or maybe because someone helped me heal the wounds…. or maybe i just don’t give a damn anymore.

does that mean i have forgiven her?

i am happy now, i have someone whom i love and who love me even more
i have no reason to be angry anymore, everything worked out well with my life…

she on the other have started to build her own family, she has a daughter whom i know she really love… she has a lot to be happy about and i thank god for that… whatever happened in the past she remains to be a friend… albeit not like how treat my other friends…..

letting her know that i had forgiven her is a load off my chest… thank you for everything and may you have a happy and prosperous life….

as for me, i’m going out today to be with my love…… to create another happy and sweet memory that i will treasure everyday of my life…….



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2 Responses to “A load off of my chest…..”

  1. shiena Says:

    “the weak can never forgive, forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.”

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